Last updated: 21/11/22

 How to Order

1. Find the product you want, selection your options and quantity.
2. After you click "Add to Cart" you will be taken to your cart, you can continue shopping or if you have everything you want click on checkout.
3. Then you will need to fill out your information if you are new to our store. Local shipping will be automatically applied with an address that is within Winnipeg, Manitoba.

4.Finalize the information and complete your payment.

Still have questions? Send us an email with our contact us form, or call us!

How long does Canada Post shipping take?

  Priority Xpresspost Expedited Parcel
Local (within a city or town) Up to 2 days Up to 2 days 1 day
Regional Up to 2 days Up to 2 days Up to 3 days
National Up to 2 days 3 days Up to 7 days


What if I don't see a product I am looking for?

Kindly let us know using our contact us form, please be as specific as possible with brand and size, but we will do our best even if you don't know too much!

When will we be getting chocolate letters in this year of 2021?
We are looking to hopefully be receiving them mid November, if you would like you can join our emailing newsletter to receive an update as we will let everyone know when they arrive.

I have made an order but someone else is picking it up is there anything I should let them know?
It's important to tell them that they do not need to pay for it, as you have already done so online.

What does it mean when a product says "View" instead of "Add to Cart" on the collection pages?
That means that we don't have inventory but it is something you can still place an order for and we will get or make it for you, it may take a bit more time to put together.

I still see "Add to Cart" even though it doesn't show an inventory count, what does that mean?
This item is going to be something that is made in house that are prepared for demand.

I am getting an error message "Credit and debit card payments aren’t available right now." what should i do?
Clear your cache and cookies on your browser. After this, completely reboot the browser.
* Try a different web browser, as well as incognito or private windows to rule out any browser issues. 
* When using incognito, if you are still experiencing a display issue, confirm you have disabled browser extensions as these can change how the pages look.
* Ensure the web browser is up to date on the latest version (we don't support every browser, but we do support these ones.)
* Try another device, like another computer or mobile phone.
* Try on the Shopify Mobile app; this is usually the best step to try as it also rules out device issues.
* Try another internet connection (switching to a cellular network on a phone rather than wifi, for example)
* Ensure you do not have any firewalls or pop up blockers enabled on the device as these can interfere.
If this still doesn't solve the problem please contact us and we can try to help more.


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