Inventory Count

We do our best to keep our inventory as up to date as possible but sometimes there may be something that isn't accurate, in this case we will do our best to offer another product to replace it or give you the option for a full refund on the whole order or just the product that isn't correct. Thank you for understanding.

Bakery Made Products

We accept orders for Bakery Made Products that are not in stock but we can prepare, please a few days before your order so we can be sure that you will receive it.

Product Information

We do our best to have as accurate as possible information, sometimes things slip through the cracks or need updating. If we notice something will be different from any expectations we will be sure to communicate with you before finalizing things.

Local Shipping Costs

Neighbourhood Local Delivery
Up to 1km from 300 Edison Avenue - $3.99

Down the Block Local Delivery
Up to 2km from 300 Edison Avenue - $4.99

Near By Local Delivery
Up to 5km from 300 Edison Avenue - $6.99

A Little Ways Away Local Delivery
Up to 10km from 300 Edison Avenue - $10.99

Across The City Local Delivery
Up to 40km from 300 Edison Avenue - $12.99

Out of the City Delivery Costs

Price varies on shipping options, calculated at check out, based on rates from Canada Post. Cost of each option may vary and does not include the time it may take to prepare bakery or homemade items.

Expedited Parcel - $22.32
2 to 8 business days

Xpresspost -  $26.67
2 to 4 business days

Priority - $37.48
2 to 4 business days

Updated: 22/02/09


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