Our Story

Our Story

The Bake Oven started off in 1955 as a corner bakeshop in the North end of Winnipeg. Now they carry an array of imports from all over the world but especially Northern Europe. They are keyed in on providing unique meal solutions whether that is in take out food from our deli or from our restaurant.

The Bake Oven has been able to survive with their old fashioned personal service and a loyal customer base. Their motto is "if you can't find it, we probably have it and if we don't we'll try to get it for you." You can submit any questions or product requests here.

The Bake Oven is a family owned business and although the original owner still is involved with the day-to-day business he sold it to his son in 1978. Now he spends much of his time doing his first love which is pen and ink drawings and other forms of art. Some of his work is on display at the Bake Oven.

Please feel free contact us on our contact page or phone our 800 number if you have any questions and yes, we will ship to anywhere. You can be added to our contact list and we will make sure you receive an email or letter informing you of upcoming specials.


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