Apple Fritters


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Pre Order (Bakery Made)
3 Business Days

Please allow 2-3 business days as this product is made fresh for each order by our bakers!

Order an Apple Fritters online from our store in Winnipeg Manitoba. Available for local delivery and local pick up.

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Looking for a place to buy fresh apple fritters in Winnipeg? Are you wanting to order some apple fritters online and pick it up without waiting in line at our store? You have come to the right location. Our apple fritters are hugely popular with our customers. You can select between buying a half dozen or just one. Deep fried to perfection, the ultimate snack with fresh apples and cinnamon sprinkled with powdered sugar. We do not guarantee the freshness of these apple fritters when ordered for delivery outside of the Winnipeg, but we still send it if you want to try and we will do our best.